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These are the courses to improve your Business

A true entrepreneur believes in creative destruction and he knows that to be a game changer, constant destruction is as important as constant creation. You have to destroy everything that has become a barrier for your growth and move to new ideas, new strategies, new innovations. Break the walls of the fort you have made around you, you have to see the real world, the real problems and find effective solutions to them.

This course teaches the student how to recognize and handle areas of inefficiency that waste man-hours and income in an organization. It also addresses areas of written communication, interoffice communication systems, delegation skills, and other ways to increase efficiency.

This course teaches how to use statistics and graphs to show how much any business or organizational area is producing. It also shows how to use statistics to analyze the operations of an organization and how to use statistics for management decision-making.

Surviving in the business world can often be a challenge. One challenging aspect of business is the recurring necessity of deciding what is right or wrong, good or bad, moral or immoral. These decisions are often complex and difficult to face. This course shows the negative consequences of unethical behavior in business and addresses what ethics really are, how to apply ethics on a day-to-day basis, and improve the workplace.

This course addresses the day-to-day problems of work and living. It addresses areas such as how to handle one’s job, how to keep a job, how to maintain productivity and efficiency, and how to handle confusions in the workplace and in life. It also addresses the most common problems encountered in the workplace including stress, exhaustion, and burnout.

An executive or an administrator must be someone who can get things done through others. Getting compliance with administrative actions or orders can be frustrating due to the barriers and procrastination of others. This course contains 22 practical drills that teach the student how to get others to get things done and how to get compliance.

Self-Development Courses

These are our self-development courses for Entrepreneurs

This course unravels the subject of grammar. Forget about rules and form, learn grammar like you’ve never learned it before as a business tool to express your thoughts, to understand others and be understood.

This course teaches the student basic information and skills for learning and applying what he or she has studied in life. This practical knowledge on how to study can be used by adults, college or high school students, teachers, parents, and trainers in industry.

Today, people are graduating school unable to read or write at a level adequate to hold a job or deal with life. It is a huge problem. Study Technology is not speed-reading or memory tricks. Study Technology shows how one studies in order to comprehend a subject so one can apply it.

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